Inspiring Lucky Casino Stories

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it pertains to their interests or sets up a goal of prestige and success to look up to. Just like hunters, fishers and athletes, gambling enthusiasts also enjoy swapping tales of hitting the big jackpot at the slot machine or becoming a poker legend. Some of the most unbelievable and incredible stories ever told are about everyday people striking it big at their local casino. Here are a few of the best lucky casino stories in the world.

Some of the best tales are of crazy, once-in-a-lifetime luck. As the Caesar's Palace lore goes, roulette wheel #211 rolled a 7 six consecutive times on July 14, 2000. The odds of such an occurrence are 3 billion to 1! After the fourth 7 in a row, the floor supervisor bet the pit boss a million dollars that it would not come up again - and it came up twice more. Did table #211 lose millions of dollars? Hundreds of millions, even? No, it gave up a mere $300. In one of the crazier legends, a roulette ball is said to have been thrown forcefully off of the wheel, nearly hitting a croupier's eye. He struck back at it before it could harm him, propelling it through the air to bounce off of a chandelier, ricochet off of another man's cigarette holder, and finally back onto the wheel. It landed neatly in the 4 pocket, according to a witness.

Sometimes it's the people themselves who become legend and inspire others with their lucky casino stories. One of the most admired - or most feared, if you're a casino - is Kerry Packer, an Australian billionaire who won tens of millions over a few days in 1997, causing several executives at the MGM Grand Casino to get fired. In one tale of his larger than life deeds, Packer is said to have tipped his cocktail waitress not with a few bucks, but with a whole house. If these tales have sparked your interest, you might be ready to try your own luck. Stop in at Lucky Nugget Casino, a great online gambling website open to residents of Canada and many other countries. It just might be your lucky day!